Whether you’re a first home buyer, a corporate executive, a business owner, sole trader, or a property investor, it doesn’t matter. At Light Finance, we’re here to help people achieve clear solutions today, for the future.

Light Finance offer a variety of loan options to our clients, from short term solutions, to long term mortgages and everything in between. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive service which aims to find the right solution, with reputable lenders for all home buyers.

Finding the right loans is what we specialise in – and whether you’d just like an idea of the types of services that we offer, or if you’re keen to find a competitive loan solution, we are always on hand to help.

As a Light Finance client, you can rest easy knowing that we will always have your best interest at heart. We can give you personalised service that the bigger brokers simply can’t match. Our business is built on transparency and communication, and no mater what you need – we are never more than a phone call away.


First Home Buyer

You need to be sure the purchase is right for you as your purchase will realistically play a part in the next 30 years of your life. As a first homebuyer you are eligible for either government grants or concessions depending on the state where you make your purchase, stamp duty concessions. There are purchase price caps in place, which again varies on state where you are buying or building.


A construction loan applies when you are substantially renovating, building, knocking down, rebuilding or even adding additional rooms. A construction loan draws on funds progressively during various stages of the construction process. We’ll even help out and ensure your progress payments are paid on time.


Allows you to contractually change the specifics of your current home loan. There are many reasons for needing to refinance, debt consolidation, lowering your fixed interest rate or even to free up some capital in your property’s equity.

Low Deposit

If you can’t save 20%, don’t panic. There are several lenders who will still lend up to 95% of the property value, in some cases you can borrow up to 105% with a little help from a family member.


Being a second homebuyer, you know the processes involved to get into the property market. Having been through it once you know what to expect from acceptance of offer, finance and documenting through to picking up the keys!

Bad Credit / Tax Debt

Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean you miss out on the little things. We can assist with your home loan and personal loans to all come together so you only have one loan to repay with on interest rate.

Personal Loans

Will ensure that whatever your purpose for a personal loan albeit for a car, holiday or extensions, we will tailor a finance package to suit your needs.

Asset Finance

We also provide asset finance covering new motor vehicles, fleet of trucks, or the latest plant and equipment to take your business to the next level.